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This Customer purchased product almost 9 years ago as of 2011. This is their testimonial after 9 years.

X-Decks for TA Testimonial

The PM platform is truly a gift from above! Now our techs do not have to stand on their tippy toes just to try and service a unit. The X-Deck cuts the labor in half, as well as making the job so much easier. From battery replacements to filling coolant through the top radiator port, X-Deck makes it a breeze. Often times my techs will groan when a PM on a refer unit comes in, but since the purchase of an X-Deck they groan no more! Really a great product your company has here. My customers really appreciate it as well. What used to me a huge mess and time consuming job has now turned into a breeze that provides comfort for my techs. Not only comfort, but it also provides us a way to get up close and personal with what we are working with. No more do we have to strain our eyes to get a good view of critical components, no more do we have to lean ladders up against units or stand on wobbly fold out ladders, and finally no more hassle!! Thanks to the X-Deck service has become easy.

Matthew J. Johnson
Shop General Manager
Travel Centers of America
Limon, Co

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