Modular Cage Handrail Photos

The modular cage handrail is currently our most popular handrail.

How the handrail works is there are 4 independent handrails (one for each side). They all lock to the decks and to each other. You can pop off any of the sides that you want.
Key points:
1) On the side opposite the steps the handrail can be removed or lowered to half mast.
2) On the Step side the handrail has 4 hinges that allow it to swing upwards and inwards but will not swing outwards. MAKE SURE YOU ONLY USE ONE OF THE "R" CLIPS ON THIS HANDRAIL. If you clip down both sides you can not swing one side upwards. On the deck is a hole that allows you to swing the bar and lock it into the hole one the deck of the X-Deck to make it more secure when you are entering or exiting the X-deck.

Mod Cage Handrail

Mod Cage Handrail photo

Mod Cage Handrail Opening

Mod Cage Handrail on Deck

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