SafeTec is seeking investors for our nationwide informercial

Raise MoneySafeTec is looking for investment capital to relaunch our nationwide informercial.

In 2008, SafeTec with a group of local investors in Bardstown KY, raised a little over 1 million to launch a nationwide informercial. We first stocked up on inventory, filmed a top rated infomercial with the same production company that has worked on projects like Bowflex, Tempur Pedic, Perfect Pushup, we set up call centers, accounting software to handle the orders, built to take online orders, and had all our ducks in a row to have a successful launch. Independent analysists and market researchers have written that SafeTec will become a 300 million a year company. 
We tested our infomercial with top rated marketing firms who analyzed the infomercial down to the second. We tweaked it so that it would be entertaining from start to finish. It scored in testing as one of the top infomercials to date. The patented product has won multiple safety awards, innovation awards, and is not only used by many fortune 500 companies, military, and home owners alike but has even gone international with dealers in Europe. The X-Deck is a must have for businesses and home owners alike.

What went wrong?

The smallest part of our investment plan was paying for TV airtime. We made the mistake of figuring that every time the infomercial aired that it would pay for itself. We since have learned that on average it takes a customer 3-5 times of watching the infomercial before they buy.  We bought small regional late night infomercial spots to small success. Our funds were running out quickly - quicker than we had planned. We had two things that put the nail in the coffin to stop the infomercial.
1) We launched during the US elections. Because of all the political groups buying airtime, the media rates went up. Next time around we need to make sure we watch what we spend on airtime and buy the best tv spots for the money and watch the market.
2) We could have survived #1, but the economy crashed and the stock market crashed that first month we launched. People stopped spending, and we pulled the plug. We decided to wait out the storm. We planed to wait a month, than a month turned into a quarter, than a quarted became a year, and than a year became two.

2011 is our year. We feel the economy is ready for the relaunch of the X-Deck. We are looking to open up for the first time in 3 years investment opportunities into SafeTec. We are looking to raise money for TV airtime - EVERYTHING else is ready and rearing to go.

If you are interested in becoming part of the SafeTec family please contact us.

Watch the infomercial below:
Part 1

Part 2

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