Halliburton in Prudhoe Bay, AK

Prudhoe Bay is on the northern slope of Alaska, inside the Arctic Cirle, on the Arctic Ocean. Temperatures can drop well below -60 F. This is an extreme enviroment where you need to exercise top notch safety because dangers from freezing temperatures, months of darkness, and even polar bears. Working on the Alaska pipleine is serious work where slips and falls can be deadly if not adequately prepared.

Halliburton up in this dangerous region is using a couple 5 Step models with accessories like the wrap around modular handrail, wheel kits, and rung safety bars. Their guys love the X-Deck because after use they can fold it flat and not take up any shop space unlike their bulky scaffolding and rolling ladders. They say that the X-Deck is a time saver and also fits their applications perfectly.

Below are a few pictures they sent us on how they are using the time saving, safety award winning X-Deck:

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