Step 1

Step 1: Lift

How to 2

Step 2: Insert Locking Pin

It's That Simple!


Detailed Instructions:
• Lay XDeck flat. Locking pin will be on your right hand side. Remove 'R" clip and slide out the locking pin. • Using the handle or designated area, raise XDeck to the desired height. The legs will scissor up like a scissor lift.
• Insert locking pin through platform-upper leg bracket (pipe), until the end of locking pin protrudes out the other side; place 'R" clip through end of locking pin.
• The XDeck is now ready to use.

Once the XDeck is erected, install handrail on the backside of the platform (opposite side of ladder-rungs) use the attached 'R" clip to secure the handrail.

Storage and Transporting:
When folding XDeck up for storage, slide locking pin through the last hole on your right side. Place 'R" clip on end of locking pin. Stand clear of legs of the XDeck when closing.
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