Benefits Over a Conventional Step Ladder

Ladder injuries are hard to track and some result in death. The insurance industry has estimated over 600 people a year die in North America from ladder falls and over 240,000 people are taken to emergency rooms with serious injuries. With the proper use of the SafeTec platforms we can practically eliminate these deaths and injuries. The SafeTec Platforms are Certified, Tested, and Proven. They comply with OSHA, ANSI and CSA International Standards. Click here for our Certification Page. Click here for our Costs Of Accidents Page.

More Stability:
  • Won't tip under normal use. All 4 Feet of the Platform establish themselves on soft ground. Wide Platform vs. ladder rung?
  • Workers are far less likely to fall.
  • Better Grip: Super grip tread, not available on step ladders.
  • More Work Space
  • More Work Area Covered, Workers move the ladder 75% less to cover the same work area.
  • More Space for Tools and Materials: Platforms can accommodate large tools and parts.
  • Better for Workers Feet and Back: Workers can stand erect and have feet on flat surface. Standing on a platform vs. rungs: Less workman's compensation claims.
  • Work Closer to Job and at desired height level
  • Two Workers can work off one ladder
  • The X-Deck Pro Platform lasts several times longer. Plus you get the best warranty (18 months warranty vs. most step ladders 30 day warranty)
  • The Pro X-Deck Pro Platform has a Safety Rail
  • The Pro X-Deck Pro Platform is more versatile
  • Workers can attach planks in 8 different places on the work platform.
  • This will accommodate more work space, thus, more versatility to meet space and needs.
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