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Red Fish Tournament – Javier Balderas and Rob Schumske with the Save the Ta-Tas foundation were “fishing for a cure” off of an X-Deck.

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

2010 Red Fish Tournament – Javier Balderas and Rob Schumske with the Save the Ta-Tas foundation were “fishing for a cure” off of an X-Deck.

The primary goal of team “Save the Ta-Tas” was to raise awareness, prevention, and some money. Javier’s team was looking for people to sponsor them for $1-$5 per pound of redfish caught during the 2010 Saltwater Series Tournament season or they could name a one time maximum amount donation to contribute. Rob and Javier anticipated on catching 60-100 pounds of redfish during tournament hours in 2010 (The fished all 7spots). Official weights were  tracked on the ( Red Fish Series website. The Save the Ta-Tas foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit registered organization.

Javier said, “The X-deck was vital tool to us when we fished in LA to sight catch the fish we fished in the Delacroix Marsh.”

Please pass on the word if you know any one willing to donate directly online click on the contribute button and enter the word “fishing” in the comments box while making your donation.

The X-Deck is ideal for videography / filming – sports shooting, weddings, live events

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Warren Harrison of High Def Highlights made a fan video of the X-Deck for his application of sports filming and videography. The X-Deck is an ideal safety work platform for live events, because it is lighter than a ladder and safer to use than scaffolding. It can set up in seconds and allow a filmmaker to get shots that make for a professional shot.

Check out the video and check out High Def Highlights!

Competitive Platform FAIL

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

There are a lot of inexpensive platforms on the market and they come with their limitations.  From baker-scaffold to low cost small work platforms.  Many will not withstand the stress and have a lilmited life span and over time fail.  These work platforms are also often found to be unsteady and can results in falls. 

A recent customer had an unfortunate incident with a Werner Platform. The platform broke and hurt the customer causing him to rethink purchasing an inexpensive made products and invest in a safer better made product – the X-Deck.  I have attached Jeffrey M. Harnish’s testimonial and pictures of what happended when he stepped onto this Platform.

Competitive -Platform-FAIL

Mr. Harnish is the President of East Coast Claims Service located in North Scituate, RI.  After speaking with Mr. Harnish I was shocked that the Werner ladder rated for 225 lbs collapse when a man weighing a mere 230 lbs steped onto it.  Luckily his new light duty X-Deck is certified to hold 1,200 lbs with a SWL of 300 lbs.  It is safely meeting their weight and stress requirements.

Omni Wheels are now available for the X-Deck work platforms!

Friday, October 23rd, 2009
Omni Wheels

Omni Wheels

Introducing an exciting new development for the SafeTec work platforms – THE OMNI WHEEL!

The Omni Wheel is exciting because a common complaint people had with the standard wheel kits on the X-Deck safety work platforms was the fact that the wheels only went in one direction. This would mean that when you were pushing the portable platform and had to corner you would need to pick up one end of the X-Deck and then move the X-Deck before continuing.
The great thing about the Omni Wheel is that you can spin the X-Deck 360°! You can corner, push the X-Deck sideways or even diagonally!
New Omni Wheel designs are in the works to make Omni Wheels available for every different model.
Currently the Omni Wheels work best on hard smooth surfaces.
This is just another example of how the X-Deck safety work platforms are by far a safer solution than step ladders and a smarter quicker solution over standard scaffolding.
Below is a non-commercial video made by a customer:

Center Grove Marching Band To Use The X-Deck Platform as a Drum Major Podium

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Center Grove Marching Band To Use The X-Deck Platform as a Drum Major Podium

          The X-Deck works great as a band tower, because it is lightweight and portable. This makes the X-Deck a great addition for marching bands that have a need for a few portable platforms. The X-Deck is height adjustable so it allows the conductor to lead their team from the height of their choosing. The X-Deck makes a wonderful drum major podium, because you can create a routine that does not require a stationary podium.

Las Vegas Aviation Industry Expo

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

SafeTec Industries recently returned from the Las Vegas Aviation Industry Expo. At this trade show, SafeTec representatives met with members of the military, regional FBOs, and other airline companies to discuss all that SafeTec can do in the terms of manufacturing such items as the X-Deck.

Just like at every other trade show, the X-Deck draws a crowd. People stop to watch the demo and then are amazed after a few people climb up on one X-Deck and then they feel how light they are.

The product that drew the most attention this year at the show was by far our new 36″ wide model X-Decks. We had a few military customers that were floored by the ease of use and convenience of the 5-Step 36″ X-Deck as compared to their B1-B4 stands.

Introducing the SafeTec Dolly and Wheel Kit System!

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

SafeTec is proud to introduce the newest accessory that will debut in its impressive line-up within the next 8 weeks. It is a revolutionary dolly and wheel kit system that will allow the user to effortlessly move a platform equipped with this system with minimal effort. Operation consists of lifting the wheel kit and and pulling down on the dolly handle. This raises the platform onto the rubber wheels and allows the platform to moved in an erect or folded state with ease. This system will be available for both the 18″ and 36″ platforms (although somewhat different) and will come as a set that is pre-assembled for the user. This system increases productivity and efficiency while maintaining a safe working environment.

SafeTec Industries “Simplifying Safety”

Dustin Kelm Unicycles on X-Deck

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Amazing user video of Dustin Kelm unicycling on a few 12″ wide X-Decks. He connected them together with 8ft. x 12″ wide planks at different height settings.


SafeTec launches the X-Deck with W.W. Grainger

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

SafeTec Industries, Inc.

The home of The X-Deck has launched with W.W. Grainger one of the largest broad line suppliers of facilities maintenance product.


W.W. Grainger is featuring the Pro-Line series of products, including the new portable X-Deck featuring its 36” wide by 63” long deck capable of holding up to 4 workers.  It has a safety hinged wheel system and a dolly as options to enable workers to move the platform with one hand. 


“W.W. Grainger, Inc. (NYSE: GWW) with 2007 sales of $6.4 billion is the leading broad line supplier of facilities maintenance products serving businesses and institutions in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China and Panama. Through a highly integrated network including more than 600 branches, 18 distribution centers and multiple Web sites, Graingers’ employees help customers get the job done.


As of January 2, 2009 The X-Deck has been listed on Grainger’s web-site and the orders and inquiries have already began.  We are listed under “Work Platforms and Scaffolding” You can go directly to our page by clicking HERE.


Grainger has a large outside sales force.  They also have full time sales personnel at most large government and military facilities.  SafeTec also plans on joining with both Sears and Snap-On-Tools as additional distribution partners in 2009.


Chris Seaman

President & CEO

Benefits of an X-Deck

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

S T R E N G T H • S T A B I L I T Y • S A F E T Y

STRENGTH, STABILITY, AND SAFETY: These words accurately describe the X-Deck work platforms. The easy to use, one-piece platforms are lightweight and portable. They fold flat for ease in carrying and storage. The wheel kit option allows you to move the platform with a finger. They set up in seconds and by attaching a plank, you can have continuous low-level scaffolding in a snap. Adjusting the height also takes just seconds and allows you to work at a safe, efficient and comfortable level. Our lowest setting is only 16”, which is great for that little extra reach and our highest setting is 6’ 10” that allows a 5’10” person to reach over 14’. These lightweight, one-piece, anti-tip, portable platforms are height adjustable and set up fast and easy. The lift assist spring makes set up easy. Work longer with less fatigue and at a more comfortable height and footing than traditional and specialty ladders.


From a survey of users, we found that most people save from 20 minutes to 2 hours per day by switching to the X-Deck Platforms. Using a shop rate of $50.00/hr. and using the low estimate of 20 minutes per day, the platform would create a savings of over $4100/yr., per platform. Your yearly savings with minimum wage employees would be $1200-$2500 per year by using the X-Deck platforms. Our Pro-Line includes larger, stronger models or choose larger decks, steps, even handrails! They set up and fold flat in seconds and are height adjustable. All Pro-Line models are certified to hold 2000 lbs. (SWL 500 lbs)

Cost Savings:

The X-Deck Platforms normally outlast traditional ladders by up to 10 times. In addition, your added safety of this platform will normally reduce workman’s compensation and other related injury expenses. The insurance industry has estimated over 600 people a year die in North America from ladder falls and over 240,000 people are taken to emergency rooms with serious injuries. With proper use of the X-Deck Platform we can practically eliminate these deaths and injuries. The X-Deck Platforms are Certified, Tested, and Proven. Compliance with OSHA, ANSI and CSA International Standards

The X-Deck versus Coventional Ladders

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

How can you justify the expense of an X-Deck versus a step ladder?

Conventional step-ladders have been around for generations and have been the primary means of reaching anything above head-level. Although unsafe and sometimes dangerous, ladders have been used for any job that requires reaching higher heights… until now. No longer will ladders be the only way of reaching new heights… Introducing the X-Deck!

The X-deck is a revolutionary new product that provides the easy set-up of a step-ladder with the safety and productivity of scaffolding. The X-Deck sets up in seconds which allows the operator to spend more time focusing on tasks at hand instead of worrying about the hassle of complicated set-up instructions. The all-aluminum construction of the X-Deck extends its life to 5-10 times the life when compared to a conventional step-ladder which can sometimes be useless to a user in 6 months or less depending on usage. The X-Deck comes in a variety of sizes and height configurations which are fully adjustable and fold flat to 5 inches for easy storage. Each X-Deck has an anti-tilt, non-slip work surface that is one of the safest in the industry. Even chemical spills or slippery oil spills do not affect the grip of the Aluminum work surfaces.

The load capacity to weight ratio of each X-Deck in astonishing and exceeds any other comparable platform. Each platform in the Pro-Line category can support an amazing 2000 pounds regardless of whether its our small platform which weighs 43 pounds or our biggest platform that weighs 103 pounds. The load carrying capacity of each deck allows multiple users to aid in completing tasks which helps diminish the amount of time needed to complete jobs. The main focus with the X-Deck line is safety and productivity. This can be seen by the OSHA, ANSI and CSA certification that comes with each platform. Other accessories such as work trays, wheel kits and connecting planks also add to the ease of operation that is standard on every X-Deck.

Industries That Use The X-Deck Work Platform

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

People often wonder about what industries have purchased the X-Deck work platform. We have had some of the most interesting customers to date from the obvious like construction companies and aviation companies to the very bizarre like stand up comedians and cat trainers.

Below is a list of different industries that have purchased the X-Deck:

  • Air Force
  • Airlines
  • Amusement Parks
  • Aluminum Extruders
  • Armored Car Companies
  • Artists
  • Auto Manufacturers
  • Auto Repair
  • Aviation Manufacturers
  • Aviation Repair and Maintenance
  • Balloon Artists
  • Beer Companies
  • Boat Manufacturers
  • Boat Repair and Maintenance
  • Brick Layers
  • Bus Repair
  • Cash Washes
  • Cat Trainers
  • Cement Companies
  • Cleaning Companies
  • Coaches
  • Coal Power Plants
  • Construction
  • Convention Centers
  • Communication Companies
  • Computer Manufacturers
  • Dentists
  • Disk Jockeys
  • Drum Majors
  • Engine Manufacturers
  • Environmental Agencies
  • FAA
  • Farmers
  • Film Production Companies
  • Fire Truck Manufacturers
  • Firetruck Maintenance and Repair
  • Fisherman
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Gas Companies
  • Glass Installers
  • Government Agencies
  • Gun Companies
  • Haunted Houses
  • Hardware Companies
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Companies
  • Helicopter Manufacturers
  • Helicopter Repair and Maintenance
  • Home Owners
  • Horse Farms
  • Hospitals
  • Ice Sculptors
  • Ice Cream Manufacturers
  • Internet Search Companies
  • Investment Companies
  • Ladder Companies
  • Landscapers
  • Large Hadron Collider Companies
  • Printing Shops
  • Mardi Gras’ Attendees
  • Monorails
  • Motorcycle Manufacturers
  • MRI Equipment Installers
  • Museums
  • Musicals and Plays
  • NASCAR Teams
  • Navy
  • Newspapers
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Off Shore Oil Rigs
  • Oil Companies
  • Painters
  • Pawn Shops
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Plastic Companies
  • Plumbers
  • Police Departments
  • Recycling Companies
  • Rental Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Road Builders
  • Roofers
  • RV Owners and Repair facilities
  • Safe Manufacturers
  • Safety Supply
  • School Systems
  • Shopping Malls
  • Sign and Digital Graphics installers
  • Space Companies
  • Stand Up Comedians
  • State Parks
  • Television Networks
  • Trash Companies
  • Truck Repair and Maintenance
  • Unicyclists
  • Universities
  • Utility Companies
  • Warehouse Stocking
  • Water Companies
  • Zoos

One of the greatest things about working at SafeTec Industries is that the job is always different day to day. As you can see with our wide range of clients, talking to them about their needs and their applications for the X-Deck makes it very entertaining. So forget about ladders that are unsafe, scaffolding that is hard to move around and takes forever to set up, or other ariel lifts that do not have the versatility and go with the lightweight, strong and portable safety work platform, the X-Deck.

Thank you

Chris Seaman Jr

SafeTec’s first blog

Sunday, January 6th, 2008
Safetec Work Platforms

SafeTec Work Platforms

SafeTec is pleased to announce that we are going to be adding helpful updates daily to our website to help you our customer with news and announcements.

Here is a list of topics that you will come to find at the SafeTec blog:

  • Deals and promotions
  • New products and features
  • New dealers and outlets for retail
  • General safety tips
  • Helpful OSHA tips
  • Company press releases
  • And many other helpful topics

Please bookmark our website and check back frequently. We will work hard to make sure we bring you the best and most relevant information. As well as information on ladders, scaffolding, portable work platforms, and safety and health.

Safetec banner

Thank you,

Chris Seaman Jr

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