Competitive Platform FAIL

February 2nd, 2010

There are a lot of inexpensive platforms on the market and they come with their limitations.  From baker-scaffold to low cost small work platforms.  Many will not withstand the stress and have a lilmited life span and over time fail.  These work platforms are also often found to be unsteady and can results in falls. 

A recent customer had an unfortunate incident with a Werner Platform. The platform broke and hurt the customer causing him to rethink purchasing an inexpensive made products and invest in a safer better made product – the X-Deck.  I have attached Jeffrey M. Harnish’s testimonial and pictures of what happended when he stepped onto this Platform.

Competitive -Platform-FAIL

Mr. Harnish is the President of East Coast Claims Service located in North Scituate, RI.  After speaking with Mr. Harnish I was shocked that the Werner ladder rated for 225 lbs collapse when a man weighing a mere 230 lbs steped onto it.  Luckily his new light duty X-Deck is certified to hold 1,200 lbs with a SWL of 300 lbs.  It is safely meeting their weight and stress requirements.

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