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Mid America Truck Show

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

SafeTec recently attended the Louisville Mid America Truck Show in Kentucky. Although attendance was down dramatically over last year the response from fleet owners, maintenance shop foreman, and others directly responsible with fleet maintenance and safety was positive.

Everyone at the show is always amazed at the safety of the X-Deck safety work platform. The most amazing thing is not that you can walk to the end of the work platform and it will not tip or budge, but the fact that with no one on the portable X-deck you can do pull ups on the handrail and it will not tip over.

The 6-Step 18″ was by far the product of choice at the Louisville Truck show. That model puts a worker eye level with the top of an 18-wheeler. This allows for improved productivity and safety with trailer maintenance.

The most promising development from the trade show is the proposed development of a 5-Step lightweight for companies like Carrier and Thermo King for refrigeration work platforms. The proposed 5 Step will be half the weight while only reducing the capacity strength by 25%. This will make a light duty 5 Step ideal for single person aerial jobs.

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Las Vegas Aviation Industry Expo

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

SafeTec Industries recently returned from the Las Vegas Aviation Industry Expo. At this trade show, SafeTec representatives met with members of the military, regional FBOs, and other airline companies to discuss all that SafeTec can do in the terms of manufacturing such items as the X-Deck.

Just like at every other trade show, the X-Deck draws a crowd. People stop to watch the demo and then are amazed after a few people climb up on one X-Deck and then they feel how light they are.

The product that drew the most attention this year at the show was by far our new 36″ wide model X-Decks. We had a few military customers that were floored by the ease of use and convenience of the 5-Step 36″ X-Deck as compared to their B1-B4 stands.

Introducing the SafeTec Dolly and Wheel Kit System!

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

SafeTec is proud to introduce the newest accessory that will debut in its impressive line-up within the next 8 weeks. It is a revolutionary dolly and wheel kit system that will allow the user to effortlessly move a platform equipped with this system with minimal effort. Operation consists of lifting the wheel kit and and pulling down on the dolly handle. This raises the platform onto the rubber wheels and allows the platform to moved in an erect or folded state with ease. This system will be available for both the 18″ and 36″ platforms (although somewhat different) and will come as a set that is pre-assembled for the user. This system increases productivity and efficiency while maintaining a safe working environment.

SafeTec Industries “Simplifying Safety”

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