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X-Deck Nuclear Edition – Proven to be a cost saver

Thursday, November 8th, 2018

The Nuclear Edition X-Deck


The X-Deck was proudly featured at the FME Industry Working Meeting 
According to energy industry comptrollers, the average 6 foot scaffold costs $6,000 with each work order.
The X-Deck costs more in material goods initially but is proven to reduce labor costs by 80%.  Thus paying for itself after only two uses.  Therefore, you will be saving money for every subsequent use.

Energy Industry Update

The X-Deck Pro Nuclear Edition was featured and presented at the FME Industry Working Meeting in Portland, ME from July 17 – 19th.


Contact us for a demo at your energy facility! The X-Deck is great for nuclear plants, coal power plants, renewable energy, solar energy, hydro energy.

We have great success stories from many nuclear power plants.


The X-Deck Pro Nuclear Edition

This specialty model features three different mechanisms to make it seismically compliant.  The X-Deck Nuclear Edition also features the connectivity to your traditional scaffolding.

The seismic upgrades to the Nuclear Edition models are quite unique. It has been proven to be able to set up in less than two minutes and make it seismic in less than 4 minutes. Quickly and safely use your XDeck!

X-Deck vs. Traditional Ladders


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Surry Nuclear Power Plant Kicks Off Winter Outage With The X-Deck Work Platform

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Surry Nuclear Power Plant Kicks Off Winter Outage With The X-Deck Work Platform

Kenny on an X-Deck
Kenny on an X-Deck

Above: Kenny Sloane, Plant Manager, of Surry Nuclear Plant addresses the crowd pre-outage on a 5-Step 36″ wide X-Deck.

Kenny in a pre-outage speech had the following to say about the X-Deck work platform:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, at this outage we are going to set a record.  Our goal is to reduce the outage days from 24 days to 22 days.  One of the reasons I know we can accomplish this goal is because of this SafeTec X-Deck platform like the one I am standing on.  These stands will allow us to do our jobs safer and more efficiently.  Reducing DOSE time and allowing us to complete this project at least two day early.  We have our SafeTec representatives standing by to demonstrate the operation of these platforms. I encourage each and every one of you to stop by and let our SafeTec representative show you the proper operation of these units.  I am sure you will see how valuable these platforms will be in reaching our goals.”

Surry Nuclear is a division of Dominion located in Virginia.

We thank Kenny and his leadership team for their support of the X-Deck work platforms.

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