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Dobsonian Telescope Observation Stand

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Amateur telescope makers are loving the X-Deck safety work platform to get up and view their eyepieces that can be up to 10FT. off the ground. The X-Deck is getting a lot of interest from guys who have built Dobsonian Telescopes. One of the fun things about using the X-Deck for this type of viewing is the fact that since the X-Deck is height adjustable the star gazer can choose to stand or sit while looking through his telescope. This makes the X-Deck an observation stand that will allow an individual to be enclosed in a cage if they choose or even have a few people up on their stand to look out of their large aperture telescope!
Another benefit to choosing an X-Deck for use next to your high-performance telescope is that you will be using this at night and ladders are not as safe as the safety award winning X-Deck. This will also be more comfortable, because who would choose to stand on a rung of a ladder for a few hours vs standing on a large deck where you can move around or even have a chair.
Amateur astronomers will love how portable the X-Decks are. For star gazing outdoor events the X-Deck will bring a lot of attention and it will make your whole set up impressive.
This makes the X-Deck a must have for true Deep-sky observers.

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