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Introducing the X-Deck Pro by SafeTec ™Platform, the strongest, all aluminum work platform in the world! With the anti-tilt and no-slip work surface, the X-Deck Pro Work Platform™ is the safest portable work platform on the market. Unlike conventional scaffolding, scissor lift, or ladder platforms, the X-Deck Pro's variable height adjustable system, allows YOU to choose from what height you need to work, not the platform. Ranging in heights from 18 inches to just under 7 feet, depending on the model, our platforms give you the flexibility to choose the X-Deck Pro™ that is perfect for you - 100% customizable to Deck Width, Deck Size, Height, and even Step width. The XDeck is a portable scissor lift. OSHA, CSA, ANSI and other safety organizations worldwide love the safety X-Deck.   
Invest in Safety - Invest in the X-Deck
"Simplifying Safety"
The X-Deck is preferred as a better practice by all safety professionals

The X-Deck Pro Platform™ sets up in seconds. Only one person is necessary to bring the completely folded platform into the work area, pick the height and begin to work. It's that Easy! You can make workers safer, efficient, and productive and help eliminate workman compensation claims.

OSHA has classified the X-Deck as "Always Assembled Scaffolding" - Because it comes from our plant ready to go right out of the box and the product is never disassembled, but mearly raised or folded flat. This means that unlike traditional scaffolding which must be tagged and inspected by a competent person, the X-Deck is ready for use right out of the box.

Choose to try out a simple safety product that the Military, Nuclear Power Plants, Thousands of Manufacturing businesses, and home owners alike have all come to love. Call or Email us today so you too can try one too!
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"The X-Deck is light enough to pick up with one hand, but strong enough to hold a car!"
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Try out any model we make for FREE for 30 days. Get your own safety award winning X-Deck today and see how much time and energy you save.

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